27 October, 2016 SoftRock

[SoftRock Sessions] Silver Ang

Silver Ang is a multi-talented actress/singer/blogger whose portfolio is as colourful as her hair. Currently appearing as the character Gina in the popular Channel 5 serial Tanglin, we take some time to let Silver try our equally versatile bean bags while throwing some questions at her.

1. Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to chat with us. What’s on your plate these days?

I’m busy doing Tanglin at the moment, and I’m working on my new blog design! That’s something I’m kind of excited about, because I’ve been blogging since 2009, and stopped for quite a while. I really miss writing and documenting bits of my life somewhere I can go back to and reminisce about when I’m older. There’s just something very nice about reading thoughts of a younger me. I sing regularly now, every Monday at Obar Punggol Marina from 8pm to midnight and every Friday at OSG Bar at Suntec City Tower 1 from 9pm till late, so please come support if you’re available! I’m also doing real estate on the side too, so my plate is really full! That’s amidst juggling all the relationships in my life – being a daughter, a granddaughter, friend, loved one, pet parent…

2. You are very versatile as an actress with many character types across various languages. Can you talk about your most challenging role in your acting career to date?

It has got to be Vyjayanthi. I played a Chinese girl born during the second world war and raised by an Indian family. This was a drama in Vasantham. I remember telling the production that there was no way I could pick up Tamil in such a short span of time, so they found a way to still cast me by making me mute. That brought a totally different set of challenges. I had to really think about how a mute girl with no education could communicate using body language, and I had to study how Indian women moved in their sarees, how they talked, how they gesture with their hands, and the signature head shake. I learnt that despite living in a multi-racial country, I knew so little about their culture! So that was a real eye-opener for me. Challenging yes, but very enriching at the same time.

3. What does the character Gina and you have in common? How are you different?
I think we have a lot in common on many levels! For starters, I think we have the same bubbly nature, same tolerance level to so many things (I’m still wondering when Gina will snap lol), and like Gina, I try to always be positive. We’re both property agents, which was so weird when I got the role because I was sure the casting director did not know that. I’ve been Gina for about a year now, and I think I’m starting to blend our characters into one lol.
4. Is there any [role or genre or work] that you would be keen to try given the chance?

I would really like to be involved in a huge hollywood or China kind of production. I’ve heard so much about how they operate in the big boys’ world, and it really intrigues me. Here, we are a small industry in a tiny country. It’s really nice and cosy here, and comes with its own perks (like being close to the people I love!), but if given the chance, I want to go out there and be involved in a huge production, even if it was just once in my lifetime.

5. Finally, what do you like about this SoftRock bean bag you’re sitting on now?

I LOVE IT! The fact that it’s so versatile. I can use it as a bed (I’d sleep on it), a chair (I’d sit on it), a work area (I’d work on it), a lounge seat (I would so nua on it), a sofa (2 people can sit on it at the same time), an armchair (placed upright), and so many other ways. Nothing gets more versatile than a bean bag. And this one looks and feels so atas! It would fit right into a luxury hotel, as well as my home hahaha! Bean bags are traditionally thought of as fun and kiddy, but this one looks and feels really sophisticated, Plus i’s just so much cosier than a chair or a sofa!


Silver can be seen on Channel 5’s Tanglin and heard at OBAR Punggol on Thursdays and OSG Bar at Suntec City on Fridays. She writes on her blog [thatsilvergirl.blogspot.com]. (She’s started writing on her new blog thesilverang.com! – depending on when the interview goes live. Site should go live sometime this week or next.)
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