Leather-print Upholstery Bean Bag Couch

The Behemoth is a throne fit for royalty. With sensual curves to both match your form as well as to create a flowing aesthetic, the Behemoth is going to be an incredible addition to your interior. Are you going to take it home tonight?

As like the SoftRock products before it, the Behemoth is constructed with a formidable outer cover that is removable for machine washing. A durable inner bag with child-safe zipper exists within, keeping the insides from accidental leakage, yet allowing for subsequent rejuvenation.

SoftRock Behemoth Bean Bag Couch

Size: 1.2m (W) x 0.95m (L) x 0.8m (H)
Volume: 400L
Material: Leather-Print Upholstery cover, Polyester inner bag


Remove the cover and hand or light machine wash. Wash separately. Line dry.


The Behemoth can be topped up with EPS pellets via an opening when necessary.


SoftRock Living Bean Bags are designed to be safe; the Behemoth uses a high quality YKK™ child-proof zipper which may be released by sliding a paper clip through. Naturally, the best prevention is education.