10 August, 2017 SoftRock

[Review] “SoftRock Bohemian Review: Comfortable and Versatile” – Our Little Smarties

“Firstly, I LOVE IT for its versatility. I can use it as a chair in my living hall, a bed in my room, a lounger at the balcony, an armchair, a napping nook, and even a bean bag – it’s all up to you! It’s lightweight and easy to move around. Seriously, nothing can get more versatile than this.”

“Secondly, it looks more sophisticated than an ordinary bean bag or lounger. And it’s much more cosier and comfortable than a sofa or armchair. Trust me, it’s SUPER comfortable to ‘nua’ on it. After a long day at work, I look forward to going home and rest on my ultra comfy Bohemian (I’m definitely not sharing it LOL!)”

“What makes it so comfy, you may wonder. Bohemian is uniquely designed to follow the natural contours of our whole body, providing superior comfort that is perfect for relaxing and even sleeping.

Thirdly, Bohemian is constructed using the finest materials and yet low in maintenance with removable covers that can be machine-washed. Additional cover can be purchased separately too. At the side of it, there’s a small compartment where you can conveniently tuck-in your TV remote control.”

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