14 August, 2018 SoftRock

[Blog] “SoftRock Living Dionysus Bean Bag Review” – The Wacky Duo

“The material that made the Dionysus is the synthetic fur. Coming in two colours ( Artic Wolf and Silver Back) , it would fit into any room with a cool decor theme. Be it a black / white or industrial theme, this decadent bean bag will the the toast of the room .

Dad said the bean bag is perfect for him as it reminds him of James Dean. A self proclaim *ahem* ‘Rebel without a Cause’ , the Dionysus is the perfect piece for him to break free from the norm.”

“As a low seater , it does it’s job perfectly. Regardless it you are a toddler, young child or adult, this bean bag will conform to your body to give you maximum support in your seated position.”

“If you want to add a funky accessory to your room, the SoftRock Living Bean Bags will be a welcoming addition to any adult room. The Dionysus is a one of a kind bean bag that will make everyone say Wow in its presence.”

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